Cutting PAPER – The “Paper” to Help Understanding and Learning Proper Positions

⑶ Cutting PAPER

The previous article described 2 of the training equipment: (1) Black Panel and (2) Silhouette PAPER.

In this article, I’ll start with (3) Cutting PAPER.

This cutting PAPER is made of Washi paper (Japanese traditional paper), so it will not damage scissors.

By using this training tool, students can find what needs to be improved in their body usage. For example, if you see the cutting paper is twisted for having the panel not straight, that shows the standing position is not properly adjusted and the elbows are not closed properly. Thus, it becomes easier to correct how the body should be used.

This is also helping for trainers to see the problems and correct them, so both the learner and the trainer can complete learning process in a short period of time.

Many people struggle with practicing hair cutting, but the reason why it seems difficult is because they are unconsciously twisting hair bundle when cutting. When you twist and cut hair, the silhouette of the hair gets uneven.

In the traditional beauty industry, it has been the way to teach new ones how to create a hairstyle one by one. With such a method of teaching, each trainer has a different way of teaching, and the learners get confused. As a result, learners feel that acquiring hair cutting skills is very difficult.

Once the learners understand the principles of hair cutting, creating hairstyles becomes much easier. Hairstyles are created by cutting, blow-drying, hair straightener and curling tongs, perming, and styling products.

It would be helpful if you could understand that hair cutting is a foundation for creating a hairstyle.

One closing thought: “Learn to cut without twisting the hair bundles.”

Image of using Cutting PAPER

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