The Purpose of Detachable Parts on PORICA Training Wig

Recently, the cost of practice cut wigs has been rising, and the quality of the hair has been deteriorating due to the increased use of synthetic fiber hair. Furthermore, there is no choice but to dispose of those practice wigs after cutting, which increases the amount of trash and is bad for the environment. Since the PORICA Training Wig consists of detachable parts for each training purpose, it can be used for a lifetime.

First, let me explain the components.

(1) Black Panel

(2) Silhouette PAPER

(3) Cutting PAPER

(4) Winding PAPER

(5) Knit PANEL

(6) Globe pins

(7) Tsunageru-kun These are the seven components. The following shows how each of them is used.

(1) Black Panel

In cutting hair, it is very important to acquire the ability to cut hair without twisting the hair bundle.

To achieve this, make sure that the hair bundle is not twisted in all these tasks: standing position, leg movement, elbow positioning and usage, hand usage, and finally the use of scissors. If you find that it is twisted, the Black Panel can help you improve the body parts that need to be adjusted.

I designed this training panel for the purpose of having students modify their body positioning.


(2) Silhouette PAPER

This is a sponge sheet for understanding the design of hairstyles in three-dimensional form. Since this is made of sponge, it is light and easy to handle. The foundation of a hairstyle is created by simply connecting the upper and lower hair lengths, and the Silhouette PAPER helps you understand it better because you can see three dimensional shapes. For those who are learning to become hairdressers, you should know that creating the base of a haircut can be learned easily when you understand the net of the hairstyle.

Image of Silhouette PAPER in use

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