What is the Essence of Hairdresser?

Break away from copying.

We are at a crossroad as beauty salons and hairdressers.

Some hairdressers think for years that they can satisfy their customers by copying the hairstyle of a model who has appeared in hair magazines. Although they spend a lot of time and effort to copy the model’s hairstyle, it is not possible for them to look like the model because each customer has a different face and hair texture. It’s not the same.

There is a reality that they end up being self-satisfied, losing their confidence, or even disliking the profession of hairdresser all because they are striving for something unreasonable.

There are many situations in the real world where copying does not create any value.

Take an example of a painting. A painting by Van Gogh or Picasso can fetch billions of dollars, but no matter how well you copy it, it barely produces any value.

I urge you to break away from copying.

You have your own uniqueness and strengths, and I sincerely wish you to do your job with confidence.

I am sure that the day will come when you enjoy your work and feel grateful that you became a hairdresser.

The job of a hairdresser is an industry of all about human, so all we need to do is to build up our human skills.

What is expected of hairdressers

Eight years have passed since I developed PORICA, and I have obtained patents in six countries around the world.

I have been teaching the principles of hairdressing in Japan as well as in Korea, China, Taiwan and other countries.

One of the problems that I felt was common throughout the world was that hairdressers were so focused on the rapidly changing trends in hairstyles that they forgot their original purpose: to provide customers with hairstyles that can be easily maintained and kept looking good in their daily lives.

By being focused only on the fancy part of the techniques and neglecting the basic principles, they have lost the opportunity to teach and help newcomers learn the basic skills.

I want them to know that if the basic skills are well mastered, the rest can be arranged freely according to each hairdresser’s sensibilities and taste.

What we hairdressers are expected to do is to provide hairstyles that satisfy our customers in their daily lives, not to provide Instagram-worthy hairstyles or hairstyles just as they appear in magazines.

I believe that customers will feel that we are the ideal hairdresser when we provide service by making suggestions for hairstyles that suit them based on their desired hairstyles.

Once again, ask yourself where you want to be…

Why don’t you reconsider the essence of being a hairdresser?

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