What Is the Best Physical Movement for Hairdressers? ~Research In Collaboration With The University of Tokyo~

Scientific clarification of the working traits of hairdressers conducted jointly with The University of Tokyo

As I have always said, it is important to educate hairdressers from a scientific perspective in order to enhance their skills.

Until now, since the entire beauty industry has been educating hairdressers by pursuing and focusing on the form of hairstyles, education of high-quality work has been conducted in abstract ways of taking sensibility and feeling, rather than in a theoretical way.

As a result, educational efficiency was low, and hairdressers had to endure years and years to learn their skills.

Six years ago, in collaboration with The University of Tokyo, I started researching the motor mechanism of hairdressers. Then, I happened to find a paper by another professors’ group titled “On the Characteristics of the Left Arm” and learned that it had been revealed by brain science that when using the left arm effectively, you can learn twice as fast compared to the right arm.

In the fall of 26th year of the Heisei era (in 2014), Japanese Society of Biomechanics gave a presentation regarding “How hairdressers should use elbows and arms in the view of Sports Science” based on a paper on “The problem of opening the elbow of the side holding the hair parallel to the panel of the hair”.

It showed the result that “when the elbow on the side holding the hair is kept away from the body, the hair bundle easily moves and twists”.

When hair bundles are twisted, the shape of the hairstyle gets unbalanced, the hair lines become unnatural, and then the form of the hair will become different from the way you intended it to be.

Customers may also find it difficult to maintain their hairstyles, and this will lead to losing customers.

By reconsidering the way hairdressers work, both from a physical and cerebral standpoint, it has become possible for hairdressers to master basic skills in a very short period.

Nowadays, each customer has a wide range of requests, and it takes at least two to three years to acquire the skills to meet these requests and make our clients happy. Wouldn’t it be more fulfilling as a hairdresser to educate the basic skills quickly and spend more time pursuing your own beauty?

I am still a very small part of the team but am willing to do my best.

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