For the Future of the Beauty Industry

・Now is the time to have heart-to-heart talk

One of the issues in the beauty industry is that students must take the national exam while in beauty school and graduate after passing the exam.

What makes this situation an issue is that the goal of beauty schools becomes to have students pass the national examinations, since a high pass rate = the school’s goal = the evaluation of the faculty.

I believe that it is the fundamental hope of the school staff to let the students to cultivate human skills while they are studying, and to enable them to take basic beauty techniques and become active as hairdressers as early as possible once they join the industry and work in salons.

The parents of the students have no way of knowing what is happening in the beauty industry, and they are working so hard every day in part-time jobs and cutting back on their personal expenses all for paying the not cheap tuition.

I’ m sure they are dreaming of having their children cut, perm, blow-dry, or color their hair in the near future, and receiving compliments from their neighbors about how young they look and how beautiful they are.

Once children have grown up, it is usually difficult for parents to see them at their work sites, but for hairdressers, it is possible to experience it.

However, if we continue with the current education system of beauty schools, the dissatisfaction of parents will proliferate and spread throughout society. The quality of the entire beauty industry will decline and the number of young ones who want to become hairdressers will further decrease.

Is there any industry in the modern world that claims to have “professional techniques” without any scientific verification? A reality that I cannot understand has been rooted in the beauty industry as the norm.

I will take it one step further and share it with you.

I have some inner bafflement myself, but today I feel I must share it. Please know that I am usually a nice and gentle man.

There is an association in the beauty industry.

There are young people who work in beauty salons and the beauty industry having big dreams of a future.

I feel that the senior hairdressers who are entrusting the future to the young generation should speak up about this big issue now because we have limited time to do so.

I believe that if even 30-40 people across the country raise their voices, something can be done.

For many years, it was enough to be superficial and agree with others on a temporary basis, but society will change dramatically and quickly in the years to come.

It is certain that the beauty industry will be declining if we elderly ones in the industry do not raise our voices in the remaining time. Up until now, young people have followed us based on their own sensitivity and senses, but this is no longer sustainable.

Young people are seeking theoretical and rational solutions. Only when we bridge this gap, can the youth see the future of the beauty industry.

It is our own responsibility to solve this issue, and it is also for the sake of the dreams of dear young ones. Let’s now have heart-to-heart talks.

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