Amazed to See Elementary School Students Giving Haircuts

a revolution in hairdressing

JHS official YouTube channel

It has been common for hairdressers to start learning haircutting skills when they start beauty school.

Many hairdressers have always believed that haircutting is a difficult skill to learn, because they are not allowed to hold scissors until two years after they join the salon.

I think no one has ever doubted that this is a normal thing.

So far, I have been teaching haircut skills at JHS, mainly to middle and high school students. As you can see in the video, elementary school children are doing haircut and paper-cutting just like professionals.

No one would have ever imagined that elementary school students could cut so well, would they?

If you are one of the hairdressers with a certain level of technical skills, you can imagine what the future holds for these students.

As a teacher myself, I was amazed at what I saw.

It is “PORICA” educational system that teaches the principles of how to properly use the body, enabling even elementary school students to learn and grow in a short period of time. This is a revolution in hairdressing.

I will be sharing with you in this blog how the elementary students create their hairstyles. So, please stay tuned.

It’s been a tough time with the spread of the COVID-19, but we will do our best to teach them so that they can be a future light. I have big hopes for our future hairdressers.

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