A Special Program for Children Who Wish to Become Hairdressers

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I have been teaching beauty techniques to elementary, middle, and high school students.

As for the reason why I started teaching, you cans read it in one of my blogs, You Can Be a Hairdresser, Too!!

It used to take hairdressers about three to five years to acquire the skills of precise haircutting.

The reason for this is that they had to memorize dozens of different forms of hairstyle patterns.

Learning dozens of patterns means copying hairstyles. If the length or silhouette is just slightly different, the instructors would point it out as a mistake, give instructions, and expect the learners to fully copy it.

This educational method makes the learners lose their sensibilities and feelings, and it is also demotivating.

Now let’s talk about today’s topic. Let’s see why elementary school students can cut hair.

The first step is to teach students how to move their legs. I carefully teach them how to move their legs and how to use their waist.

Next step is the elbow. Learning the right position of the elbow on the side of the hair bundle is very important.

I take time to guide each student closely until the position of the elbow on the side holding the hair bundle becomes stable.

Since the elbow on the side holding the scissors is always moving, I help them find the best position where they can smoothly move the scissors open and close, and then let them practice in the way they feel comfortable.

The last step is hand movement.

In order to improve the speed of opening and closing the scissors, it is important to always practice moving hands.

This is something the learners can do even while watching TV, so the more they practice, the more skill they will acquire.

Some children will be able to open and close the scissors neatly in a week.

Usually, students master it in two weeks at the latest.

I have developed several different training equipments to teach efficiently.

Here are some of them for your reference: https://porica.easy-myshop.jp/ See you again in my next blog.

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