The Reason Why I Applied For Patents on PORICA in Six Countries

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It has always been that the way for hairdressers to acquire skills was to learn by looking at hairstyle manuals in magazines or by watching how their seniors’ created hairstyles. This means that they just copy other people’ s sensibility and feeling and make it as their own.

This was extremely difficult for the learners and required a great deal of time, money, patience and effort.

Even if you put in that much effort to become a skilled hairdresser, the next big hurdle awaits you.

That is customer’s evaluation.

Today, with higher standards of living and an abundance of information, customers’ demands are also higher.

In addition, the abilities, sensitivities, feelings, and emotions of individual hairdressers differ greatly.

Therefore, a superficial teaching method of just copying hairstyles will leave the learning process entirely up to the individual’s ability and effort and have a higher hurdle to becoming a hairdresser.

I believe that this is a world common problem.

That’s why I developed the PORICA education system, hoping to help people all over the world who want to become hairdressers but are struggling. The key to the system is the products, including PORICA, that allow students to learn efficiently and in a short period of time.

This has made it possible for even elementary school students to learn basic techniques in a short period of time.

By teaching elementary school students, I was able to prove that it is very important to first learn the basic use of the body, which was previously difficult to demonstrate.

This is my dream. I wish to give the PORICA education system to children all over the world, and through this, let them know how wonderful it is to be a hairdresser, and hopefully enrich their lives. With this vision in mind, I founded a Non-Profit Organization, Junior Hairdressers School, and have been working on it ever since.

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