Training Equipment with Ball pins on Practice Wigs.

Our Journey to Developing “WIG DE PORICA”

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At present, haircut practice wigs are usually thrown away after being used.  After a process of trial and error, I came up with an idea to use the practice wigs that were being thrown away, and

I invented a “Training Equipment with ball pins on practice wigs”.

It is a very eco-friendly training equipment that can be used again and again by shaving a used practice wig with a clipper, drawing lines to divide it into blocks, sticking ball-pins and connecting them to the PORICA product series.

This is a Training kit for learning the ABC of basic techniques “Easily, Inexpensively and Fast”.

It is eco-friendly as well as human-friendly, and I named it “WIG DE PORICA”.

Why not grab one and try it out for your practice?

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