Turning Point

In tough times, that is when we grow

As I mentioned in the previous article, haircutting, perm wave wrapping, blow drying, and color application can be easily mastered once you understand your own “best points” and “best positions”, acquire them, and keenly take the opportunity to practice how to use the tools.

You will be able to create hairstyles just by doing the same process repeatedly.

What has been wrong with the traditional education of hairdressers is that they have been led to believe that copying hairstyles is the education.

Having length errors caused by ignoring the slices and taking panel of the hair only by feeling.

Resulting misalignment and twisting of the strand of hair by opening the side of holding it.

In addition to these, there are so many words that are coined one after another.

The list goes on and on. Beauty salons lag far behind the rest of industries.

In order to recover from the damage caused by the outbreak of the Coronavirus, we need to achieve a major shift from the existing artisanal way of thinking.

It is important to increase efficiency in everything, as is common in the society.

Failing to make efforts by each staff member to monitor all steps from training to operation, and to eliminate waste, will sooner or later result in bankruptcy.

As I’m writing this article, I recognize that the same can be said for our staff, so our company is no stranger to this.

The idea, the business is safe because we have dealers to do business with and the salon is thriving, is an old-fashioned mindset.

The dealers also run their businesses and are in pursuit of profit, and that’ s why they are kind and nice to you, the profit-maker. They are just another business owners and employees in different types of business.

We ought to think for ourselves, protect ourselves, and study with efficiency.

We should know that in the end, no one can help us.  We all need to make effort individually.

We can’t be of help to you, but we can cooperate with you.I believe we can overcome this painful time of the Coronavirus situation if we live up to our beliefs. I wish us both luck.

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