The Principles of the Hairdressers

The foundation is missing in the beauty industry today

Why is our beauty industry based on a completed “hairstyle”?

I have many doubts.

After the defeat of the United States in World War II, American culture flooded into Japan in droves, and the Japanese accepted and grew into Western fashion, but the days of admiring British hairstyles and the “hairstyles” in Western movies are long gone.

Now that China and other Asian countries are growing remarkably and Asian culture is moving towards the West, I don’t really understand the “Hairstyle” beliefs in our beauty industry.

The quantity and quality of information on social media and other platforms have evolved in an incomparable way in the past, and information is spread across the world instantly.

Don’t you think that now consumers are craving the “Desire for Self-actualization,” which is the final desire of five stages in the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs psychology?

We in the hairdressing industry should evolve to a technique that allows us to make each customer look attractive, rather than imitating a trendy “hairstyle”.

It becomes necessary for hairdressers to learn the fundamentals and basics according to the principles of hairstyling.

An “imitation” does not create value, but the principles do.

Let’s take House building as an example. The foundation and the size of the pillars are invisible to the eye, but they play a very important role.

If these are not solid, the house will quickly collapse in the event of a disaster.

It doesn’t matter how cool the exterior is, it’s useless if it can easily break down in a disaster. It’s all looks and no substance!

Don’t you think it is time for the entire industry to let all the hairdressers wake up to the genuine oriented?

The beauty industry has been saying things like “It’s the age of authenticity” a million times, but it’s been a verbal attempt at authenticity.

It is not acceptable to depend on that anymore.

Dear fellow hairdressers, Let’s work towards the principles of hairdressers.

From Japan to Asia! And to the world!

JHS (Junior Hairdressers School) teaching scenery

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