Days Combatting the COVID-19

Looking to the future with solid skills

Dear all in the beauty industry, I hope this message finds you well. It’s almost May, before the Golden Week (Consecutive national holidays), the Coronavirus is running amok.

Small beauty salons are running around submitting applications for Employment Adjustment Grants and financing from the Japan Finance Corporation (JFC).

To all in the beauty salons, everyone’s conditions are the same, so let’s not forget to smile and do our best.

Our sales are now 40% down, but we have six new people joining my company this year and we are all committed to training them.

It’s a tough situation, but we as company are trying to figure out what we can do now and improve our skills for the future tomorrow.
Some of the new employees in my salon are now practicing shampooing, perm wave wrapping, color application and even hair cutting.

The “PORICA” education system is producing positive effects.

This education system features two methods of working upward and downward.

The trainer needs to find the “best point” and the “best position” for the work, and then just teaches the young ones the necessary leg movements to work in that position at all times.

Next, they’ll learn how to use scissors, brushes, combs, and other tools needed for beauty related procedures. If you want to practice, you can do it anywhere, even while watching TV or sitting in a restroom, so the more you practice, the faster you will improve.

I think that the past idea of dexterity or clumsiness in regards to the skill of beauty does not work.

When it comes to sense, each client has different taste they want.

I think it is nonsense for a trainer to impose his or her own sense of style, and I always train people accordingly.

To add to this, I believe that the skill that hairdressers will need in the future is to strengthen the human skills.I’m wondering if anyone can help us lead a program to strengthen human skills.

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