You Can Be a Hairdresser, Too!

Opened a tutoring school to “teach the greatness of beauty”.

I believe that if children learn to make people beautiful from their early years, they will grow up to be more compassionate and understand people’s smiles, gratitude, and joy. That’s why I opened a Hair-cutting tutoring school for middle and high school students in the spring of 2014.

It’s something I’ve always hoped to achieve one day, but I’ve been afraid of losing my credibility and taking away our children’s dreams in the case I couldn’t continue, so I’ve refrained from opening the school.

The development of the long-awaited “PORICA” and the creation of the educational tool PORICA, and

Someone in the industry said to me, “I want to teach my daughter, who is in elementary school, how to cut”. That’s when I decided to open a tutoring school. The teachers of the school are young stylists in our shop.

Initially, seven middle school and high school students participated in the program, and they all grew to the point where they could perform a haircut within six months.

Nowadays, people are visiting the school from all over the country to see the students.

The visitors are all amazed at the growth of the children.

Starting in 2015, we have been able to open Hair-cutting tutoring schools in each prefecture of Kyushu and some in Honshu in the same way.

I named it “Non-Profit Organization Junior Hairdressers School”.

Some of our graduates are actually working actively as stylists now.

We dream to have a “Kyushu Tournament”, or even having a “Haircut Koshien (Championship)” for children.

Together with our children, and

For each and every one of our clients.I will keep working on the Hair-cutting tutoring school, hoping the beauty industry will continue to grow,

JHS (Junior Hairdressers School) teaching scenery

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