A “Doll” with 39 Ball-pins Stuck in its Head

Developing effective educational tools

Every year, it is getting harder and harder to train people. It takes too much time to teach techniques, and when it’s late at night, the trainee staff loses their concentration.

We used to practice cutting and perming with wigs with hair implanted in them, but it was becoming very difficult to teach them the basic motions of cutting hair with precise skill.

Every day it was tough because the trainees didn’t understand and cried, then our emotions clashed with each other.

After struggling with the need for an easy-to-understand tool for the learners,

I came up with a device with a piece of “paper” attached to the head instead of the “hair”, and I decided to let the learners cut the “paper”.

As a result, their comprehension improved, and I was able to significantly reduce the time required to teach them.

The name “PORICA” has been registered as a trademark.

It has been patented in six countries, including the United Kingdom as the holy land of haircutting, the United States, China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

We hope that dear young ones will be able to learn the accurate skills in a limited amount of time, and that this will give them more time to care for their clients and make time to learn “something” that will make the clients happy.

Doll heads with their hair cut have no use and are discarded.

Hundreds of them are incinerated at beauty schools, which is damaging the environment.

I wish to brighten the world by making women more beautiful through “hairstyles” by spreading this practice equipment around the world and improving the “basic technical skills”, “sensitivity” and “sensibility” of the hairdressers.

Image of PORICA use

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