Hairdressers School for Teaching Haircutting, Perming, and Coloring to Children

This is our seventh year since we started a haircutting school for children

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This is our seventh year since we started a haircutting school for children, now the Non-Profit Organization Junior Hairdressers School teaches the “Principles of hairdressing skills” to elementary, middle, and high school students two days a week for one hour and half hours each time.

Seven of the students who grew up in this school have joined our company’s salons and are getting hands-on training at each salon while receiving correspondence education in cosmetology. One of them passed the national examination the year completing high school and started career as a stylist as soon as obtaining a license. She is currently actively working as a top stylist.

Majority of the students in our school are elementary school students, and we have 8 of them. There are also two students who have just entered middle school. Their ages vary, but they are all committed to the school.

What on earth are we teaching these young ones? Many of you hairdressers may be wondering.

You may be surprised to know that we are teaching them professional techniques.

We teach them hair cutting, perm wave wrapping, coloring, make-up, hair styling and more, just like teaching professional hairdressers.

We spend most of our teaching time on practice hair cutting. Seventy percent of the lesson time is spent on training cutting techniques. The focus of the education is to teach how to move the legs.

Once the students are taught how to position their legs, they will be able to use scissors smoothly and rarely cut their hands.

We use a training equipment called “PORICA” and let the students practice thoroughly again and again.

We help them to drill into their bodies how to use their bodies, how to keep their legs, and how to position their elbows, while at the same time having them practice how to use the scissors to open and close them fast.

I want hairdressers to know that even a 10-year-old girl can learn the basic techniques of hairdressing in a short period of time if they are taught scientifically based on theory.

My hope is to help hairdressers realize their potential, refine their sensitivity, and bring out their imagination.

Each person has unique sensitivity, senses, and personality, so it is my hope that they will all blossom as they grow up. There are eight beauty salons in Japan that have supported my idea and have opened this schools.

Now we are in a time where WE ourselves must provide a good education to our employees in order to make our dear clients feel happy, because waiting will not bring clients to us. Why not, let’s begin!

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