To All Those Aiming For Becoming Hairdressers!

JHS Training Scene

I am an active hairdresser. I’ m teaching beauty techniques to children who aim to become hairdressers in the future.

We have 18 students, with the younger ones in 3rd grade and the older ones in 1st grade of high school.

You can see them on YouTube, so take a look at how they learn.

Now why can elementary school students cut?

Many of you may have the question, so let me explain. Here are three important aspects of learning beauty techniques.

① Movements and positions of legs are the most essential. Have students learn how to move their legs in a certain way. ② Movement of the waist. ③ Use of the elbows.

According to the traditional way in the beauty industry, hairdressers have been taught to open their elbows wide when cutting.

This approach has led them to misunderstand that it is a very difficult technique to master in the process of learning.

It is just the difference of opening or closing the elbows, but this is the biggest problem in learning techniques.

As you can see on YouTube,

Young children are cutting hair, training paper, and knit panels naturally.

Traditional hairdressers just didn’t know the importance of how physical movement should be.

Many hairdressers reject this idea, but we know how it’s true when we see the way children stand and use scissors. However, the beauty industry is old-fashioned and does not accept this kind of change.

Hairdressers have acquired their skills after much struggle and perseverance, and they have a pride on it. I wonder if it is holding them back from having the courage to learn again and make changes.The basics of hairdressing techniques can be found by mastering the skill in the order of legs→waist→elbows→ hands. You can start it tomorrow.

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