Enhance the Value of Hairdressers

The current state of education in the beauty industry is…

The current situation is that almost 100% of hairdressers have no choice but to learn the techniques from their seniors in the hair salon.

Even those seniors are handed down from their seniors, and until now, none of them have had any scientific validation.

Therefore, I have been teaching with my own sense of sensitivity, and furthermore, I have been teaching the knowledge that I have gained by participating in workshops and studying abroad with British hairdressers such as Vidal Sassoon, TONI&GUY, and SANRIZZ.

As the Japanese cultural consciousness and desire for self-realization grows, and as the times evolve to seek hairstyles that satisfy their own lives and their own sense of fashion,

The beauty industry, which has relied on copying techniques, is now unable to provide consumer satisfaction.

Until now, mastering beauty techniques requires patience and persistence, which is all out of place in the modern age.

However, this is the path we’ve all taken in the past, so it’s hard for the current generation working in the industry to realize it.

In general, people may think that there are vocational schools called beauty school, where students acquire the basics, but in reality, this is not the case.

The purpose of the school is to learn Public Health and to achieve the pass rate of the national examinations, not to learn the principles of beauty techniques.

It is systematic that students are put in and pushed out by the very structure of Japanese society, which means that they are pushed out from school as soon as they obtain their License of Cosmetology. Therefore, the basics of the technique must be learned after joining a hair salon.

We think it’s very painful to have a Cosmetology License and yet have to relearn the techniques from scratch at the age of 21.

But this is the reality of today’s beauty industry.

What does it really take to become a hairdresser?

Hairdressing is a wonderful profession in which you can make people beautiful through their hair and it brings out their smile.

I want to pass it on to the children of the next generation.

To achieve this, I thought it is vital that children learn the essential skills at an early stage without having an unnecessary pressure on them.

This led to the development of the teaching material names “PORICA”.

Furthermore, I was able to establish an educational system with scientific evidence obtained from the University of Tokyo and Tsukuba University.

Through these efforts, I have established a “Non-Profit Organization, Junior Hairdressers School”, which allows many elementary, middle and high school students to learn.

The activities of the children at the school are introduced in the “Junior Hairdressers School” website, so please check it out.

JHS (Junior Hairdressers School) teaching scenery

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