Give us a Dream, Hope, and Future for “Perm”

Is Hydrogen Peroxide bad?

For nearly 30 years now, I have been intrigued by the advantages of the newly approved hydrogen peroxide water and have continued to use it, but it has been received a very low profile in the beauty industry as a whole, and all manufacturers have stopped producing it.

After repeating experiments on my own, I found a law that made use of the advantages of this product.

I asked many manufacturers for cooperation in development, but this idea was completely turned away.

At that time, the president of a manufacturer in Osaka offered to do it together. He was the only one who said to me, “Let’s do it”. After more than a year of discussion and struggle between the manufacturer’s researcher and myself, we came up with a total of six products: a “Straight Perm Solution”, four of “Permanent Wave Solutions”, an “Essence Solution”, and a “Ph. Control Solution”.

At that time (around 1995), I held workshops in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyushu areas.

There was still a negative image of hydrogen peroxide, so I had a hard time getting the hairdressers to understand it.

Nowadays, more than 95% of the “Second Straight Perm Solution” uses hydrogen peroxide, and even with the second agent of permanent wave solution (Neutralizer), more than 45% of it is hydrogen peroxide.

After nearly 30 years of thinking and continuously working on this project, I am grateful for finally being recognized and, at the same time, for the cooperation of each and every one of my clients.

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