Why Do Hairdressers Learn Techniques?

① to make our clients look younger and more beautiful through hairstyles.

② to study diligently and offer appropriate products so as not to leave any damage to the hair as we hairdressers cut and process the clients’ hair with perms and hair colorants.

③ to understand the clients’ facial appearance, hair texture, hair volume, hair flow, etc., to take into consideration the clients’ desired hairstyle, and to make suggestions for hairstyles to enhance the clients’ youth and beauty.

Now that there is countless information on hairstyles, it is not necessary for hairdressers to chase after hairstyle trends. Information comes to us. That is what the information society is.

The job of the hairdresser in the salon is to make the client beautiful! The hairdresser who focuses on it is the one most needed by the client. Another job is to create beautiful hair that is easy to be maintained. That’s what the clients want.

Our goal as hairdressers should not be to create photogenic hairstyles just to get “Likes” on Instagram or YouTube. Take a moment to ponder how important it is for you to make the client in front of you beautiful and appealing.

Learning how to make it look good is of course necessary but improving the quality of your work is much more valuable for you.

Once you acquire the ability to embody the principles of beauty techniques, you will be able to become a lifetime hairdresser.

The quality of the acquired skills will never betray you. Let’s strive for quality.

I have founded a non-profit organization to teach beauty techniques to students from elementary to high school. In the next article, I would like to share with you how I train them at the school.

There are many hairdressers who are struggling with learning techniques, but the techniques needed for hairdressing are actually very simple.

I am hoping that I can convey this to you through my articles.

JHS (Junior Hairdressers School) teaching scenery

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