Winding PAPER – Shows the Direction of Curls and Volume Changes.

(4) Winding PAPER

In this article, I will explain about (4) Winding PAPER.

This product is made of foamed resin, so when you roll it, it stays in a shape for a while. You can use it to practice wrapping hair and blow drying.

Here is how to practice winding (wrapping hair). At first, practice winding just by hands without using paper.

When you feel comfortable with your wrapping technique, place the paper on top of the winding PAPER and wrap them together. Remember not to break the ends of the hair at this point.

When you can quickly curl both inward and outward well, practice wrapping with the Knit PANEL. Once you become good on curling it well, now it’s time to wrap the real hair.

Since you have already practiced with Winding PAPER and Knit PANEL, you should be able to wrap faster than just starting out from zero. I believe that if you can wrap one bundle, you should be able to wrap even 100 of them.

The differences are the way you take the slices of the hair and having an extra step of making the width of the hair bundles.

Take the slices and width of hair bundles precisely.

Winding PAPER is also a great practice tool for blow drying. The hair dryer can be used with cold air. Hold the Winding PAPER between the index and middle fingers of the hand that is not carrying the hair dryer. Roll the Winding PAPER with your fingertips as if you are blow-drying it. It’s perfect when you can blow-dry all from the roots to the ends of the hair.

Then, learn how to take slices of the hair and hair bundles.

Be sure to keep in mind the order of checking your body parts, which is legs, waist, elbows and hands, for both winding and blow-drying. I’m sure you will be able to create beautiful hairstyles.

Image of Winding PAPER in use

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